Welcome to Black Patch Cigar Company. A place to slow down. Savor. Relax. Enjoy. This is where the fertile fields of the Black Patch Region of Kentucky meet the patient craftsmen of the Caribbean. Black Patch Cigar Company is vertically positioned in the cigar making process. Our process in delivering premium cigars starts from our proprietary seed to the finished product.

In a class of its own, our KENBANO line of cigars are being offered in three distinct blends of perfection of KENBANO, KENBANO ORO and KENBANO PLATINO. The time and craft required to bring you this enticing proprietary sensation has been worthwhile. The KENBANO is offered in two sizes as a Robusto 5.0 x 50 and Gran Toro 6.0 x 54. The KENBANO is an extraordinary blend that eloquently demonstrates our commitment to providing a premium cigar to our loyal customers and the seasoned cigar aficionado. The KENBANO ORO is spicy with a hint of white pepper, oak, chardonnay and leather with a touch of salt. The KENBANO ORO line is offered in three sizes as a Robusto 5.0 x 50, Gran Toro 6.0 x 54 and a Grande 7.0 x 52. The KENBANO PLATINO is spicy with a taste of pepper and nutmeg with hints of vanilla, cream soda and citrus. The KENBANO PLATINO is offered in two sizes as a Robusto 5.0 x 50 and Gran Toro 6.0 x 54.

Your reward is a complete line of uniquely flavorful cigars. Each hand-crafted to entice your senses. Whether enjoying the company of an old friend or forging a new bond, you are welcome here any time.

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